An education that fits your child.

Steps Learning Center LLC

Non-Traditional Education for Non-Traditional Learners

Phone: 407-676-4677



1526 E Concord St, Orlando, FL 32803

Who are we?

Steps Learning Center is a non-traditional microschool for neurodiverse children with significant learning needs offering an education based on their unique abilities. We focus on your child's individual needs and create a truly individualized education plan. Our goal is for your child to learn and practice functional living and academic skills to have the most independent adult life possible. We provide Part-Time and Full-Time tutoring for Homeschoolers K-8th grade, Virtual and Afterschool Programs. 

How else do we support students and Families?

We support our families through the process of obtaining a Matrix Score Evaluation and Applying for the FES-UA Scholarship. We also provide alternatives for Financial Accomodations.

We partner with private therapy providers to provide in-location services. We also have Choice Navigator services to connect our families with providers.

We will be partnering with professional providers to provide workshops about topics like: alimentary-restrictions alternatives, routines at home, behavior support and others.

What makes us different?

Proud Members of the National Microschooling Center

FES-UA Direct Pay Providers

Proud Members of the KaiPod Catalyst