Programs & Pricing


Year-Round Schedule July 8th, 2024- June 21, 2024

Full Time and hybrid (2-3 days in-location) tutoring for K-8th grade homeschoolers focused on the student's specific needs. Our learning plans are based on your child's learning and independent living goals established on the Assessment for Functional Living Skills (AFLS/ABLS). We focus on the skills that your child needs to become the most independent adult possible. 

Registration Fees: $150.00 Curriculum Fee: $250.00

Full-Time: $15,600.00/annual tuition Hybrid: $9,600.00/ annual tuition

Afterschool Tutoring

10-month enrollment following regular public school schedules

Enrichment afterschool program (K-8th grade ESE) offering basic academic skills review, functional living skills, enrichment classes and Community Based Learning. Full Time and Part-Time attendance options available.

Registration Fees: $150.00 Curriculum Fee: $200.00

Full-Time: $8,500.00/annual tuition Part Time: $60.00/ per day

Summer Camps

Our summer camp is specifically designed for neurodivergent children, providing a safe and inclusive environment where they can thrive and create lasting memories. At Steps Summer Learning we combine academic skills review, fun activities and community learning to foster love for learning and help our students thrive.

Registration Fee: $150.00

Curriculum Fee: $200.00

June & July: $1,600.00

One month: $850.00

Weekly: $250.00

Homebound Homeschool Support

Virtual Tutoring and Asynchronous Tutoring for homeschoolers or during afterschool to support caregivers and students with homework, adapted learning programs (homebound), and skills review and reinforcement. 

Registration Fee: $150.00

Printed Material Fee: $50.00- $75.00

Hourly: $50.00- $75.00

Choice Navigator Services: $75.00/ per hour